Mannum and District Pistol and Shooting Club Inc



The following is a full
list of what we are allowed
to shoot as per our Range Certificate.

Air Pistol and Air Rifle
Blackpowder Handgun
Blackpowder Rifle
ISSF Handgun
.22 Rimfire Metallic Silhouette Rifle
.22 Rimfire Metallic Silhouette Handgun
Centrefire Metallic Silhouette Handgun
Smallbore Rifle
Centrefire Benchrest Rifle
Rimfire .22LR Benchrest Rifle
Service Rifle
Clay Target
Unrestricted Service Pistol

It is an offence under the firearms Act and Regulations
to participate in any shooting activities on the Mannum
Range other than those listed.
No shooting can take place unless there are two or more
persons present and one of those present must be an
an accredited range officer.