Mannum and District Pistol and Shooting Club Inc

10m Air pistol is an ISSF event shot by both men and women, at all levels of competition up to and including the Olympics and Paralympics. The air pistol event was introduced at a World Championship level in 1970 and on the Olympic programme in 1988.  10 metre air pistol is an Olympic shooting event governed by the International Shooting Sport Federation (ISSF). It is shot with 4.5 mm (or .177) calibre air pistols at a distance of 10 metres (11 yards), and the programme consists of 60 shots within 105 minutes for men, and 40 shots within 75 minutes for women. The competitor can fire the required number of shots at their own tempo so long as they do not exceed the maximum time. The event is shot one handed in a free standing unsupported position. At club level the targets are usually changed every 10 shots. This makes scoring easier as it reduces the chance of more than one shot going through the same hole. At Olympic and world championship level only one shot per target is allowed.